Developing new products – from concept to delivery


Cheesman has worked with many companies in the development of parts for numerous applications. Their experience is invaluable in achieving the desired end result in the designated time frame and budget.

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Cheesman has the ability to manufacture assemblies to customer defined tolerances. Where accurate and precise measurements are required, the company CMM is used to demonstrate that parts have been manufactured within the specified tolerances.

Spread of Vehicles

Cheesman works in collaboration with a variety of prominent sports car manufacturers. From the outset of any project, clients benefit from Cheesman’s advice and know-how, gained through years of design and development experience, which enable efficient management of each programme. The company’s knowledge, understanding and manufacturing capabilities have helped to produce systems which successfully meet all customer requirements, including the attainment of specified noise levels.
Cheesman’s involvement with the Ocelot project, the development of the Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV), gave them a great opportunity to showcase their skill and experience in product design, manufacturing precision and on-time delivery. Cheesman were given the task of designing an exhaust system for the Foxhound’s six-cylinder, four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine. An initial prototype system was fabricated and tested during full vehicle trials at Millbrook Proving Ground. The design was approved and went into full production in early 2011 following the contract award by the British Government to Force Protection Europe (FPE) to build 200 Foxhounds. The exhaust system manufacture and delivery were managed by Cheesman to meet the full vehicle production programme. A total of 150 exhaust systems were delivered to schedule by mid-2012, with no loss of vehicle production days. Production required full APQP, PFMEA, and Control Plan documentation while delivery required inspection reports and certificates of conformity.
Cheesman has designed, developed and manufactured exhaust systems for three of the top four mobility vehicle manufacturers in the UK, the leading market for this type of vehicle in Europe. In cases where the vehicle floor pan is lowered for wheelchair access and there is a need for the exhaust system to be re-designed, Cheesman’s team are experienced in meeting type approval and individual vehicle approval scheme requirements. The continuing manufacture and scheduled delivery of exhaust systems is then managed accordingly to vehicle build demand.
A typical project would encompass the following stages:

  • • Establishment of customer requirements/inputs.
  • • Cheesman works in conjunction with the customer, contributing design input as required.
  • • Working either directly on the vehicle or from drawings/CAD, a master pattern part is developed.
  • • Cheesman manufactures a prototype working part or system.
  • • Fit and function
  • • The system is tested to ensure compliance to specification.
  • • Once the system gains approval from the customer it is put into production.
  • • Completed ISIRs and further PPAP documentation can be provided if required.

‘Cheesman has been a supplier to Bucher Municipal Limited (formerly Johnston Sweepers) for over 40 years. During this time they have shown that, not only can they work directly with our engineering department in the development of new parts, but that they are a dependable supplier, delivering quality products on a Just In Time basis direct to the production line.’

Steve Hurst, Head of Purchasing, Bucher Municipal Limited

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