Stainless Steel Exhaust Fabrication

As one of the UK's leading stainless steel exhaust manufacturers, we take care of your entire exhaust system design, development, and fabrication from the manifold header through the silencer muffler to the tailpipe. We use the highest quality stainless steel grades in the manufacture of your exhaust systems in order to meet your technical and financial needs. At Cheesman, the work of our experienced engineers has led to us becoming the preferred original equipment supplier for automobile, truck, tractor and off-road vehicle manufacturers.

We design and manufacture bespoke emission control and exhaust systems for your heavy duty diesel engines. Cheesman’s resilient stainless steel construction makes our exhaust systems ideal for the demands placed on these vehicles in a variety of applications and environments.

For supercar and sports car manufacturers, we work closely with your design and engineering team to develop and manufacture a stainless steel exhaust system that fits your requirement and compliments the automobile. The look, the sound and the weight are all important aspects considered in the design and we use high grade stainless steel along with other materials, such as titanium, to provide you with your quality performance exhaust systems.

Our UK based development and manufacture process incorporates the latest computer and machine technology, that allows us to accurately repeat build your exhaust systems. And we ensure the integrity of the whole system by backing it up with our Company guarantee.

The company's expert and skilled MIG and TIG welding engineers use the finest quality grades of stainless steel and catalytic converters to fabricate your manifolds, headers, silencers and complete exhaust systems. With quality uppermost in our aims, these systems continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We also offer a Kanban service to work with your lean manufacturing processes.

From the newest design and development to your current production models, we will manufacture your exhaust to your complete satisfaction.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems